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I help women who are struggling to dress stylishly and want to save time, money, and effort so they can feel their best in their current phase of life.

  • Have a closet that makes it easy to get dressed in the morning

  • Save time and money with a wardrobe that suits your daily demands

  • Feel confident and stylish whether you're in the office, on a zoom call or at the park

Morgen knows her stuff! She helped me tremendously with my wardrobe and how to shop/dress in the future. The closet edit really helped me look at my clothes with a different set of eyes to clear out the clutter. I can be dressed quicker without looking at the items I don't like or don't suit me. I know what pieces I need to fill in my closet and dress more confidently. We were able to do so much within 3 hours - exactly what I needed! - Sara S.

My closet edit and color analysis was so helpful! Morgen helped me go through all of my clothes and really looked at what worked for my body and offered helpful, kind suggestions of the styles I should be looking for. After the edit I am finding it so much easier to get dressed because my closet only has things that make me look my best! - Sarah H.

Morgen off the bat was professional, genuine, fun, and diligent. I thoroughly appreciated how she effectively jumped right in and examined each and every piece in my closet. Her direct approach gave me a sense of clarity with my body type, the heavy hitters in my closet that flattered me, and those items that were not inspiring to my vision or accentuating my body. When we went to the stores she demonstrated how to shop with focus. She offered enthusiasm to try new things, and educative knowledge on what sizing options to look for. I noticed as store employees gravitated toward her bubbly attitude and sharp expertise. This was my first experience with a personal stylist and Morgen was top notch. I’d recommend her service to any woman! - Ruthie H.

Morgen helped me cut through the excess in my closet to see what I have and what I need. She showed me patterns in what I had bought and why some items worked well and focused me so I can fill in the missing items. - Katie L.

My guided shopping trip was a great experience- Morgen helped me find some really great pieces in a very short amount of time to fill some holes in my wardrobe. She found me some great fitting black premium denim jeans in a record amount of time! I also learned a few things about my body shape that was surprising and helpful to learn. We found some great updated ankle boots that can be dressed up or down and an updated date night dress. I’m very happy with the pieces we found- Morgen encouraged me to expand my style horizon but was also attentive to the type of style I like to wear. I’d love to shop with Morgen again, it was time well spent! - Wendla R.

Morgen was very friendly and easy to talk with and put me at ease quickly. I was not at all shy about changing clothes with her in the room. Very good interaction and very honest about what looked good on me and what did not. - Chris G.

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