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Hi, I'm Morgen! I'm a wife, mother of 4, and passionate about helping women create a casual wardrobe that fits the phase of life they are in.

Is this you? You've seen the articles about the latest trends, the must-have basics and yet you still feel like your wardrobe is missing something. You buy clothes but still struggle to put outfits together. Maybe items in your closet don't fit the same anymore or your daily activities have changed. You're dealing with weight loss, weight gain, postpartum, job changes, staying at home..all of life's little curveballs. You have days when your outfit defaults to leggings and an old t-shirt. 

Getting dressed shouldn't make you feel bad. Whether your budget is Target or Saks, you have a body that needs dressing and it deserves to look stylish while conquering your to-do list. If getting dressed and looking in the mirror doesn't make you feel good, it's not's your wardrobe that needs a change!

I've been there too. With a crazy busy household, I understand the challenges of time, energy, money, and never-ending laundry. I'm here to help you decide what to keep, what to buy and how to make your wardrobe work for you and the phase of life you're in now.                                                

Morgen Peters

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