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"I've tried doing my own color analysis, but I'm still so confused."

"I’ve wasted a ridiculous amount of money on clothes that
just don’t look good on me."

"I want to look as young as I feel, but right now all I see is grey hair and lines. I just don’t feel like me anymore."

"I’ve spent entirely too much money on confusing color systems and I’m still confused on what colors I’m supposed to wear."

"I want more color in my wardrobe but I don't know what flatters me. I'm tired of reaching for blacks and grays."
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You can spend your time taking the quizzes and guessing... but it's not always easy to figure out your colors. Especially if you seem to fall into multiple categories. Sometimes, it's just easier to have someone else just tell you what your color type is. Right?


That's what I’m here for. I specialize in helping women who are in transition... or have a mix of features... that take you out of the "standard" definitions you see online. I've helped women who are going grey and their colors don't feel right anymore... women of color that have grey hair... women with warm hazel eyes and cool hair…and even men!

Bottom line, when you sign up for a Your Color Style analysis, it will be unique to you.




Your Color Style is not seasonal color analysis. It is different.

You’ve probably seen other systems that use seasonal color analysis. For some people, it works ok, but it excludes a lot of people - those with a combination of cool and warm features, or that don’t fit neatly into the seasons, or not at all.

The Your Color Style system is a proprietary color system based on color theory. The color palettes are designed to be customizable so that you can wear the colors that you love to wear. The method is inclusive and works with any skin and hair color and it specializes in unique coloring and combinations.

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  • A personal color analysis using the Your Color Style 3-step color analysis methodology.
  • A personalized e-book that explains the virtual analysis and your color type including your best blushing, grounding (neutral), and eye-popping colors. Also included are 6 additional signature colors. 
  • Up to 60 minutes on a zoom call with your assigned color analyst - this is an interactive chat where you get to ask questions, get clarity and customize your color palette.
  • A review of your online color analysis - I will explain my thinking and walk you through my thought process to get to your color palette.
  • One fan deck of your color type and one neutral fan deck (warm or cool) shipped to you. Shopping and editing your wardrobe is easy when you have your color fan. Your color fan bundle has all of your most flattering colors and neutrals to wear. Take it with you when you shop for clothes, lipstick, and blush.
  • A color guide to show you how to wear your colors in different ways to express yourself in the way that's right for you.
  • The Color Strategies e-book



  • You will receive a document that will show you your color type. You will not receive 1:1 consultations, a color fan, a color guide or an ebook with this offer. Those are benefits of the VIP color analysis. You are able to purchase color fans later if you choose.
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